About me


My name is Željko Kostić. My love for technology comes from early age and spans different areas, from computers and network equipment to video games, photography and audio work.

My work

I am a developer mostly working with the QA team. Big part of my current responsibilities is working with others on developing new testing techniques and tools, among them a Continuous Testing platform developed for use in-house, designed by yours truly.

Technologies that I am currently using (and improving my knowledge of) are Perl for scripting, PHP with Symfony framework for API development, and many testing frameworks that cover unit, load, e2e, performance testing, most of them using JavaScript. I am an avid linux user and I enjoy working and playing with it. I mainly work with Debian/Ubuntu based distributions and openSUSE. I also enjoy exploring the BSD family of operating systems.

My motivation

I am a passionate learner and I excel at learning through working. I am eager to take a shot at anything new in the programming world and I want to share that passion with others. Working on complex issues in environments I am not familiar with has driven me to where I am and is the main source of my knowledge and experience. I am happy to offer a helping hand and automate the boring parts of anyone’s job.